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Kyle Williams Looking For Redemption in 2012, But Faces Competition

After his issues with kick returns during the NFC Championship game, San Francisco 49ers' Kyle Williams suffered though some dark times, even receiving death threats from some misguided folks.

But now he's ready to make the most of it in 2012, fighting to keep his spot on the 53-man roster next season.

Niners GM Trent Baalke spoke about Williams a bit at his pre-draft press conference Tuesday, noting the he is not 'down on' any player in the organization, including Williams:

"We're very confident in his ability. We're very confident in Ted Ginn. And we've added a couple of other guys that have some experience as a return people in the National Football League. And with the draft, we might address it (return game) even deeper...As you look at it, it is the same as any other position. It's creating competition. And I'm very confident that Kyle will get past, you know, the incident of last year and is ready to move on and he'll get better because of it."

The additions of Randy Moss and Mario Manningham certainly makes it a tighter squeeze for Williams to make the team as a receiver, especially with the team re-signing Ted Ginn Jr. and Brett Swain as well. His special teams abilities certainly are a plus for the 49ers, though he'll still have some redeeming to do in the eyes of some.

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