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2012 NFL Mock Draft: 49ers Select TE Coby Fleener According To SI's Don Banks

The 2012 NFL Mock Draft is only about a week away, and the San Francisco 49ers are on the clock. Well, technically they won't be on the clock for a while, but they are certainly busy planning out their draft day strategies and looking to lock up some serious talent.

One of those talented youngsters the 49ers might take is Stanford tight end Coby Fleener, who according to Sports Illustrated's Don Banks and his latest mock draft will be the Niners' first-round choice, No. 30 overall in 2012.

Here is Banks with the commentary:

I still think Fleener makes plenty of sense for the 49ers, with head coach Jim Harbaugh dreaming up new ways to attack a defense with his former collegiate tight end paired with Vernon Davis. Once upon a time, back in the Kezar Stadium days, the 49ers always raided the Stanford roster for talent.

The obvious connection between Fleener and Harbaugh makes this seem like a no-brainer, having much expertise and understanding of how Harbaugh's systems work and how to go about his business. Pairing Fleener up with TE's Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker could also make for some funk-nasty three-TE sets between them, an Alex Smith special to say the least.

Also, back in the Kezar Stadium days the 49ers were not that good, though "raiding the roster" of the Cardinal this year would probably be a decent choice with all the talent they have entering the draft. There are multiple routes for the 49ers to take with their first-round pick, but taking a talent like Fleener could pay dividends down the line.

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