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New NFL Unruly Fan Policy Could Be Just What 49ers, Raiders Need

Going to an NFL game in the Bay Area these days has certainly become more dangerous and disorderly than ever before, even forcing 49ers President Jed York to ask the league to call of the annual preseason battle of the Bay against the Oakland Raiders after a wave of violence took over the game off the field.

Now eight teams in the NFL have put a new unruly fan policy into action to try and make the live NFL experience more safe and family friendly, by far the most progressive approach set in place to try and avoid dangerous shenanigans at NFL stadiums. Should the 49ers and Raiders follow suit?

Fans of the Bills, Browns, Colts, Falcons, Giants, Jets, Patriots and Packers better mind there P's and Q's and their next home game, because if the wind up getting themselves kicked out, they're likely not to be allowed back until they compete a four hour anger mangement course online along with a 25-question quiz with questions such as this:

"Behaving badly towards other fans, such as fighting, swearing or threatening them, is OK as long as they deserve it." True or false?

Violators have as many times as needed to pass the test, which is obviously far from difficult. But the $75 surcharge that goes along with having to complete the course is likely to stick much longer in the crawl of your average drunken stumblebum or would be Apollo Creed at the stadium. Check it out for yourself, the photo for this article is Raiders and Niners fans duking it out.

The AJ Novick Group created the test, which is heavily focused on alcohol abuse and consumption, though wants to be clear that its about teaching fans how to avoid possible troublesome situations:

"It's not about taking a test," says Novick. "It's about educating the fan on alcohol awareness, about disruptive behavior and the effect it has on other fans, and it teaches them coping skills for handling themselves more appropriately at the stadium."

Raiders and 49ers fans are known to be some of the most unruly of them all, though no reports show that they are as involved in this type of program as heavily as the previously listed clubs. The spectre of possibly not being let back to Candlestick of the Coliseum hanging overhead could curtail some of the hooliganism that goes on, especially when it comes with the price of another ticket to complete the inconvenient course. Maybe it's time to look into a program like this in the bay.

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