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49ers 2012 Schedule Rumors: San Francisco Plays At Green Bay Opening Weekend

Last year, the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers (quite possibly the top two teams in the NFL) didn't get to play each other; San Francisco didn't have a good enough record to match up on the original schedule with Green Bay, and the 49ers missed out in the Packers on the NFC Championship game after they were eliminated by the Giants.

They're likely to rectify that on opening week.

That would be 3:15 PM in Green Bay, or 4:15 PM ET/1:15 PM PT. Which probably means FOX is making this their national telecast.

If the 49ers are the late game, they will probably earn the so-called national telecast, where most of the country will be able to watch their game except for those with regional contests. The game would be on FOX, and it's likely that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman (the number one crew on the network) will be the ones to broadcast it.

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