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NFL Mock Draft 2012: San Francisco 49ers Take Kendall Reyes

The San Francisco 49ers are probably one of the most complete teams going into the 2012 NFL Draft, so they really don't have any actual needs they have to address to fix their current roster issues. There really isn't any one player the team needs to grab in this draft to complete their team. They can make do with what they have.

Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation released his latest mock, and it has the 49ers trying to bolster their overall defensive depth. The 49ers take defensive end Kendall Reyes of the Connecticut Huskies with their first round pick.

San Francisco does not have to make this pick to fill a need. Reyes gives them depth behind Justin Smith and Ray McDonald and an eventual successor ahead of the ravages of time and the realities of business.

To discus how good a fit Reyes would be with 49ers fans, go to Niners Nation. To talk about Reyes with UConn football fans, head on over to The UConn Blog. Check out Mocking the Draft to learn more about mock drafts in general.

Check out the SB Nation YouTube channel below and see if you're willing to subscribe to all the videos.