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2012 NFL Mock Draft: San Francisco 49ers Pick Kevin Zeitler, Jared Crick

The San Francisco 49ers aren't at the point where they need all that much in the 2012 NFL Draft; they're a pretty complete team thanks to free agency moves. So they don't exactly have the most pressing needs and can go a little wild.

DraftTek released their latest mock and has the 49ers going out and making some interesting picks. With their first rounder at the 30th spot, the Niners take offensive guard Kevin Zeitler from Wisconsin to shore up the interior line, arguably the weakest part of their team.

OK, so without a grab on Fleener, the 49ers address their top remaining need, the interior of their OL. However, they do it in grand fashion with a substantial reach. This, to me, highlights why the 49ers will either grab Fleener or try and trade the pick - the value isn't there for the other positions of need. Zeitler is a stud though, and would bring a very technical approach to the 49ers trench dominance. He produces great leverage and can get to the 2nd level to complete the play.

With the 61st pick in the second round, the 49ers go to the defensive end to shore up depth, taking Jared Crick from Nebraska.

Even though Fleener is still on the board, the 49ers look on the other side of the ball and add considerable value with Crick. After making a lot of noise in '09 and '10 with 18.5 sacks, Crick faced a lot more double-teams in '11. He lacks athletic ability, but his motor runs hard. He sets the edge well against the run, and has good height to disrupt passing offenses. He'll need to add some bulk to his frame and work on his technique, but Crick would do great bringing depth to the SF DL.

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