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Arkansas Football Coaching Candidates: Steve Mariucci Interested

The Arkansas Razorbacks have to figure out who will replace Bobby Petrino. A face familiar to the Bay Area could be a guy who wants the job.

Steve Mariucci had a solid tenure in the Bay Area, finishing 60-43 with the San Francisco 49ers, including two NFC West Titles, four playoff appearances and three playoff victories. His second stint in Detroit was not as impressive, going 15-28.

Mariucci has only minimal college experience though, coaching for a year at Cal and finishing 6-6 before moving up to take the 49ers coaching job. You can see Mariucci as a TV analyst on the NFL Network, where he joins Rich Eisen, Deion Sanders, Kurt Warner, Warren Sapp and a host of football personalities at NFL gameday events.

Would Mariucci be a good fit for Arkansas? It's not quite the ideal match, particularly considering Mariucci has relatively little experience on the college level. The Razorbacks might not go for such a pro hire.

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