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Brandon Jacobs On 2012 49ers: 'It's Gonna Be Hard To Stop Us'

The San Francisco 49ers have certainly been staking their deck this offseason with upgraded talent all over the board, while bringing some guys on board to create more depth and stronger competition within the team. One of those such players in veteran running back Brandon Jacobs, who took some time to speak with KNBR Wednesday morning to discuss his fellings of his new team.

Simply put, Jacobs feels other teams should look out for the 2012 49ers.

Jacobs discusses why he chose San Francisco, noting his love for the 49ers growing up and this opportunity being a way to put that 'dream to sleep.'

On why he chose San Francisco:

"Well, ya know, they had the best offer for me... At the end of the day we go out and play this game for it being football, what we all love playing...I think that's a special group of guys in that locker room, and coaches and the whole organization. And I grew up a 49er fan and I've loved the 49ers always. So it's a good opportunity for me to put a dream to sleep."

He also was asked about his role on the 49ers, to which Jacobs mentioned that he has not yet discussed with members of the organization:

On his role with the 49ers:

"I have not spoke to anyone about my role. I just, I'm going there, earning everything they give me and I guess whatever I don't get I didn't earn, right? My goal is to go out there and give it all I've got and be able to come and be able to be a big part of this football team."

When asked about the Niners defense, Jacobs had nothing but glowing remarks:

On the 49ers defense:

"I've been in the league for, I'm going on eight (years), and I've had my chance to dissect some very good defenses. San Francisco 49ers defense has speed, they play physical up front, they have linebackers that were probably the best disciplined I've played against. They didn't care who really made the play, they just wanted to do their job...With a defense like that, and with as many weapons as we have on offense, it's gonna be hard to stop us."

And what of Frank Gore? Jacobs is a big fan, and is glad to be on board to make the running game more dangerous:

On his new backfield mate, Frank Gore:

"Frank is a beast, man...I think Frank is a all-around back, and it's great for me to come in and team up with those guys and be able to make our offense better."

There certainly will be some competition come training camp between these two. But one thing is for sure, the Niners running game may be as potent as it's been in a long time.

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