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Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote Odds: Patrick Willis Longest Shot To Win At 12/1

It's been whittled down to only four competitors left for the Madden 2013 Cover Vote, and San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis has made it all the way to the final grouping. He certainly will have some stiff competition this year, taking on the Lions Calvin Johnson, the Panthers Cam Newton, and the Packers Aaron Rodgers.

The good folks over at Bovada took some time out of their busy schedules to create some odds for the remainder of the cover vote. And even though it's going to be a close race, the experts at Bovada feel that Willis will have the longest shot at winning the competition, putting his chances at 12/1 to take the cover.

Cam Newton is seen as the favorite at 2/5 odds, while Calvin Johnson is at 5/2. Aaron Rodgers is seen as a 6/1 favotire to win the cover.

Don't forget to vote for Patrick or whomever your favorite player remaining might be here.

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