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Larry Grant Receives Original-Round Tender From San Francisco 49ers

According to CSN Bay Area's Matt Maiocco, the San Francisco 49ers have placed an original-round tender of around $1.26 million on linebacker Larry Grant, which means another team could likely swoop Grant from the 49ers for a relatively low cost.

The 49ers would be set to receive a seventh-round draft pick as compensation if they decided not to match an offer from another team, but could keep a high-motored team player as well on the cheap if they don't. Grant, 27, was a seventh-round draft pick of the 49ers back in 2008.

Grant proved his worth to the rest of the league back in December after filling in for the injured Patrick Willis for four straight games that Willis missed due to injury. In the Christmas Eve game against the Seattle Seahawks, Grant had 12 tackles and a forced fumble, the best game he had all year. He could soon be doing the same for someone else.

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