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Cory Nelms Is A Big Winner: A Case Study Of Down-On-Their-Luck Pro Athlete Tweets

Former Miami Hurricanes defensive back Cory Nelms is on top of the world. The young player spent 2011 with the practice squad for the San Francisco 49ers and is expected to compete for a backup cornerback job with the team next year. More than that, though, he's hit the jackpot ... literally! (Note: not literally)

Nelms tweeted out the following bit of info on Tuesday afternoon.

Yessssss. Cha-ching! Everything's coming up Nelms! I'm happy for the guy, because it is lean times in America right now. Some might mock the poor young player for his enthusiasm, or perhaps deride him for flaunting good luck on top of being associated with a pro football team. But it really is tough out there and he has every right to be excited.

If nothing else, it's certainly much better than the things some other current and former athletes are being excited about on Twitter. Just for example, here is a sampling of other tweets that came out on Tuesday.

Here's one from Lamar Odom:


Here's one that went out from Lenny Dykstra:


This one comes to us from Auburn point guard Varez Ward:


Here's one from everyone's favorite wide receiver, Terrell Owens:


And finally, one from A.J. Burnett:


Things are tough all over, it seems.

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