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49ers Offseason: Jerry Rice Thinks The 49ers Should Pursue Peyton Manning

Seemed inevitable that the San Francisco 49ers would get thrown into the Peyton Manning mix by someone, somewhere, since almost every team in the league that doesn't have an elite quarterback in place already has been thrown into the mix.

It's just interesting that that person happens to be the great Jerry Rice.

According to Ron Kroichick's twitter account, Rice thinks that the Niners should pursue Manning if he indeed becomes a free agent.

"I think you go for it, I really do. You have to go after him."

But Manning wasn't the only topic of discussion for the Niners great about the current Niners. He fittingly had comments about one of the team's current wide receivers, Michael Crabtree.

"I thought he was going to be more productive. I just did not see spearation (from DBs). Maybe he needs to work on that. Maybe he needs to lose 10 pounds and be more explosive."

Strong words from the greatest receiver of all-time. But when Rice speaks, the Bay Area listens.