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San Francisco 49ers Stadium Update: Judge Rules In Favor Of Santa Clara Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers are moving inexorably toward getting their new stadium in Santa Clara. They've moved through every step of the legal process fairly quickly, and with the Santa Clara authorities seemingly pleased with the plan in place, it looks as if there will be no further obstacles to the team making their move to the South.

Bay City News has the latest report, and it's all good news.

Today's ruling by Judge Peter Kirwan blocks opposition efforts to put the project back on the ballot. Voters initially approved the project with Measure J in June 2010. Opponents of the project argue that the $850 million bank loan for the stadium would burden the residents and bankrupt the city.
Santa Clara Plays Fair, a group opposing the stadium project, led a campaign to collect more than 5,000 valid signatures to put the project back on the ballot.

The only real obstacle left for the 49ers would be a measure being put on the ballot blocking the stadium somehow (not likely after the first measure was passed), or some sort of judicial order halting construction on the stadium via some sort of lawsuit. It's not looking like either will happen.

Construction is expected to begin this summer and be completed by 2014.

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