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Alex Smith Helps Search Team Looking For Missing Teenager Sierra LaMar

Alex Smith, a multi-millionaire and celebrity in the Bay Area, has never met Sierra LaMar. Before this week, it's almost guaranteed that the 49ers quarterback had never even heard her name. A person's true colors show in a time of adversity, and Smith is showing everyone just how good of a guy he is this weekend.

Sierra LaMar is a teenager who went missing nearly two weeks ago in Santa Clara County while walking to the bus. Friends and family have kept faith that they will find their missing person, although the situation looks more and more grim by the day.

On Saturday, Smith took some time out of his busy schedule and helped join the search team.

Pretty awesome. It's stuff like this that reminds you that these NFL players are people just like you and I are, and some of them truly are considerate individuals. Good for you, Alex Smith. Good for you.

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