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Dontavia Bogan Waived By 49ers, A Day After Being Medically Cleared To Play

Well, that was good while it lasted. The San Francisco 49ers have announced that wide receiver Dontavia Bogan has been waived, just a day after being medically cleared to resume football activity. We wrote on how Bogan could make things interesting in camp and could compete ... which was true, providing he was actually given the opportunity.

It's true that there wasn't a ton expected of him, bug Bogan had some good highlight reels and, by all accounts, was a fantastic route runner for someone with his level of experience. He probably could have made things more interesting, but this kind of highlights San Francisco's plans for the immediate future: win the Super Bowl. They don't want developing wide receiver battles, they want to do everything they can to win now.

Maybe that means they know there won't be a place for Bogan to earn his way onto the roster, as opposed to releasing him because he's "not good enough." They simply have other plans right now, that still could include drafting a receiver high in the 2012 NFL Draft.

That being said, Bogan or not, it really does suck when something like this happens. You hate to see a player come back from injury and get waived that fast, especially if he wasn't expecting it. Bogan was very stoked yesterday, on Twitter and things of that nature talking about getting healthy, so if this news hit him unexpectedly, it ranks right up there with the roster cut-down days in terms of disappointment.