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ESPN Free Agency Grades: 49ers Receive An A

Many teams have been active in this years NFL free agency, but few more so than the San Francisco 49ers. Matt Williamson of Scouts. Inc. has taken the time to grade each team's free agency in 2012, and the Niners received an A for al of their efforts this offseason.

From letting go players that would cost too much to bringing in incredible talents on the cheap, Jim Harbaugh and Co. have been absolutely killing it this offseason. Here is Williamson's analysis of the 49ers free agency moves, truly noting that the "who's got it better than us?' logic holds firm in free agency as well.

Key additions: S Dashon Goldson (franchised), QB Alex Smith (re-sign), CB Carlos Rogers (re-sign), WR Mario Manningham, LB Ahmad Brooks (re-sign), WR Randy Moss, RB Brandon Jacobs, QB Josh Johnson, CB Perrish Cox, WR Ted Ginn (re-sign), LB Tavares Gooden (re-sign)
Key losses: CB Shawntae Spencer, WR Josh Morgan, Adam Snyder

Analysis: The 49ers are returning the league's best defense intact, even though they had a few prominent players' contracts expire. While they flirted with Peyton Manning (and to me, this is where Manning should have chosen to play), they have significantly improved their offense since the NFC Championship Game. What is curious is that while San Francisco clearly made a massive effort to improve the verticality of its offense with the additions of Moss and Manningham and even the re-signing of Ginn, Smith really isn't an adept downfield passer. Still, the new perimeter speed should open up room for the rest of San Francisco's offense while allowing Jim Harbaugh to utilize more multiple-receiver sets, which obviously is the direction offense in the NFL has gone. It also wouldn't shock me if Colin Kaepernick -- and his huge arm -- finds his way behind center before long.

Grade: A

It's one of the most exciting upcoming seasons in recent memory for the San Francisco 49ers, who seemingly only got better after reaching the NFC Championship in 2011. They certainly brought the talent in to do some damage, and have the coaching staff in place to get the players motivated and ready to work.

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