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49ers Announce Annual Draft Party On April 26 In Santa Clara

A little over a month to go, I made a somewhat temporary move to Dayton, OH. Among other things, it means I'll have a tough time making it out to some San Francisco 49ers events this year, but aside from, say, some big games and things of that nature, the one that hurts the most is the annual Draft Party at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Each year, the team holds the event during the first round of the NFL Draft, where it's watched on a big screen and there's plenty of food and drink to be had.


Not to mention plenty of Gold Rush walking around, current players, former players, radio personalities and things of that nature. The 49ers are big on these kinds of events, where they have alumni and current players mingling, and perhaps it's because I expected so little of them in the first place, but they're an absolute blast to go to.


Well, the 49ers recently announced that they're hosting one this year, and that tickets will be available for purchase on April 2 at 10:00 a.m. pacific. The tickets are only $5, and aside from being a little cramped, it's a great time. A H/T for Sam Lam for posting on it, as I seem to have missed the press release.