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Joe Staley Knew There Was Something Fishy About The New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are suddenly making headlines coast to coast, although not in any way they could have wanted. News broke on Friday about a "bounty pool" the team was taking part in that rewarded players for injuries to opponents. The investigation into the scandal will almost certainly uncover a lot more dirt that the Saints were hoping would never come to light, but for the time being, at least one member of the San Francisco 49ers is beginning to put two and two together.

Joe Staley, starting left tackle for the Niners, sent out the following tweet after news of the scandal broke on Friday.

Just seeing all the reports about the Saints D. I knew there was something fishy about getting punched in the face during our playoff game
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It's unclear whether Staley is just making a joke, since you would think that offensive linemen get "punched in the face" pretty much all the time in any given football game. But I'm really getting a kick out of him, a month after the fact, suddenly going, "Saaaayyyyyyyy..." Perhaps there are some more tweets forthcoming!

"Just got off the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. Starting to think those dinos weren't real, on account of that T-Rex coming in through the ceiling but not devouring us whole."

"You know, looking back on it, I think that 'restaurant' I went to last year was actually an opium den. They never brought any food and Alan Quatermain was laying on my table in a drugged-up stupor. Thought it was just some sort of gimmick thing but now it all makes sense."

"Starting to put all the pieces together about this 'unified Berlin' business, you guys. I knew there was something strange going on when that big wall came down."

"Pretty crazy about all this 'moon landing' hype. Thought it was weird how famous Buzz Aldrin is."

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