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2012 NFL Draft Needs: San Francisco 49ers Could Use Wide Receiver, Right Guard

The San Francisco 49ers seem to have filled up a lot of their great needs in free agency. They found a couple of wide receivers in Randy Moss and Mario Manningham. But in general they're in good shape. They've found two quarterbacks in Alex Smith and Josh Johnson. Their defense is solid at almost every position. They really don't need to look at the 2012 NFL Draft as anything more than stocking up on depth.

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They did lose an offensive lineman though, which might be a decent enough need to look at. Chad Reuter of files the following report.

If Harbaugh believes those [wide receiver] moves are sufficient enough to improve the passing offense (and he might not with the uncertainty surrounding Moss), then a relatively high draft pick might be used to replace departed right guard Adam Snyder.

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