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49ers' Dontavia Bogan Cleared To Resume Football Activity, Will Compete For Roster Spot

The San Francisco 49ers still need help at the wide receiver position, without a true No. 1 on the roster and without one likely to come in the 2012 NFL Draft. It's possible they can use a high pick on one, but again, that player wouldn't immediately be the No. 1 receiver. Despite the fact that the position isn't quite settled at the top, there's bound to be a sizable battle near the bottom, as well.

One can assume that Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham will comprise the top two, and behind them will be Kyle Williams, with Randy Moss on the outside looking in. He'll get every opportunity to be the No. 3 guy, but nothing is guaranteed at this point. Williams should start ahead of Moss, and also ahead of Ted Ginn Jr., who was recently re-signed, but mostly as a return man. Still, Ginn wants to battle as well, so between the three of them, it gets really murky in regards to who is actually going to be the No. 3 guy. Williams and Ginn sort of switched back-and-forth in that role in 2011.

The battle will get a little more interesting given a potential rookie, and now Dontavia Bogan, an undrafted rookie last season who was injured in training camp following an ACL tear. Bogan recently Tweeted that he's now cleared to play, and he'll come to training camp hoping to earn a spot on the roster. More than that, Bogan wants to use his ability to make spectacular catches at the end of precise routes to work his way into the lineup.

He's fighting a definite uphill battle, especially given that any receiver drafted in the first five rounds or so will also start out above him in the pecking order. It will be interesting to see if Bogan can make anything happen, or if he's just another one of those players that folks clamor for because they haven't seen him and been disappointed yet. We'll see during training camp!