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49ers Free Agency 2012: Deuce Lutui Works Out For San Francisco

The San Francisco 49ers don't really have the space to sign anymore top-tier free agents. They've spent most of their money stocking up on big wide receivers and have little salary left to spend. They have limited cap room at this point and looking out guys who will sign for the veteran's minimum.

The 49ers are looking at one particular offensive lineman.

Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle files this report.

Lutui is coming off a year with the Cardinals after failing a physical with the Bengals, negating his original two year deal, and performed adequately. This isn't the first offensive guard San Francisco has worked out recently. They worked out Leonard Davis last week.

RG Daniel Kilgore (entering his second year) is the favorite at the position after Adam Snyder left for Arizona, especially after letting Chilo Rachal walk.

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