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2012 NFL Mock Draft: San Francisco 49ers Pick Coby Fleener

Jim Harbaugh doesn't have any real pressing needs right now from the 2012 NFL Draft. The San Francisco 49ers signed a slew of free-agent wide receivers, which should provide the necessary fixes to the strained passing game.

There aren't many other positions that need looking at. San Francisco has great defensive talent at every position on the field. They have Alex Smith and Josh Johnson ready to compete for the starting quarterback spot. They don't really need to upgrade too much.

Why not draft a tight end instead? Harbaugh loves himself some tight ends, and it'd be nice to upgrade the depth behind Vernon Davis. Ryan van Bibber released his latest mock draft in SB Nation, and he has the 49ers picking tight end Coby Fleener.

The sheer number of Stanford products that could go in the first round of this draft is amazing and is a testament to Jim Harbaugh. He knows exactly what kind of player Fleener is, a speedy receiving option that will pair with Vernon Davis to give the 49ers what might be a better version of the two-tight end set in New England.

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