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San Francisco 49ers Receive No Compensatory Draft Picks

The San Francisco 49ers are a good team that hasn't had any recent huge free agent losses, so it's not a huge surprise that they didn't end up with any compensatory draft picks. Compensatory draft picks are only handed out to the teams that lose the most free agents, and San Francisco has had a clean sheet. Seattle and Arizona also both didn't receive any draft picks, and only St. Louis received any picks from among the NFC West teams (the Raiders, by contrast, picked up three).

However, the 49ers are in good shape for each round regardless, with one draft pick coming in each round. Here is the current approximate draft order.

Round 1 - Pick 30
Round 2 - Pick 30
Round 3 - Pick 29
Round 4 - Pick 30
Round 5 - Pick 30
Round 6 - Pick 29
Round 7 - Pick 30

To discuss the lack of compensatory draft picks with 49ers fans, hit up Niners Nation.