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NFL Mock Draft 2012: San Francisco 49ers Select Coby Fleener, According To The Bleacher Report

The more mock drafts you look at the more Stanford tight end Coby Fleener's name pops up as the no. 30 pick to the San Francisco 49ers. Now add The Bleacher Report to the growing list of mock drafts who have Fleener staying in the Bay Area for the start of his NFL career.

Here is what The Bleacher Report had to say about Fleener and his fit with Niners.

Delanie Walker will be gone next year and hasn't been impressive to date anyway. Fleener would be a pain in the rear lined up across from Vernon Davis and would help overcome a lackluster group of wide receivers (yes, including Randy Moss). He blew everyone away at Stanford's pro day and would be a heck of a draw for the Bay Area 49ers.

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