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NFL Mock Draft 2012: San Francisco 49ers, Coby Fleener Becoming Natural Pairing

The San Francisco 49ers are a bit of mystery right now regarding their NFL Draft concerns. They've fulfilled almost all their wide receiver needs in free agency, so it's not as much of a certainty which position the Niners will draft for with their first round pick.

Niners Nation has updated their mock draft database, and it's looking like the 49ers might end up drafting a particular tight end--one Coby Fleneer of the Stanford Cardinal.

Fleener makes plenty of sense. The 49ers do have a clear starting tight end in Vernon Davis, but San Francisco would love to go more multiple and provide a more diversified offensive attack. Jim Harbaugh loved using multiple tight end sets at Stanford, and you figure he'd want to do something similar at the next level to create more mismatches against defenses.

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