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Jim Harbaugh Shows Off HUGE Muscles At NCAA Tournament [PHOTO]

Jim Harbaugh likes the NCAA Tournament. Jim Harbaugh likes Indiana basketball. Tonight, Jim Harbaugh is at the NCAA Tournament, cheering on the Indiana Hoosiers along with his brother, John Harbaugh, as they take on the top-seeded Kentucky Wildcats.

While screaming his head off like a lunatic along with plenty of other IU fans, the CBS cameras scanned past the crowd and caught an interesting glimpse of the 49ers head coach.


Looks like someone has been hitting the gym this offseason!

Unfortunately, it looks like this photo is not all it appears to be. A small girl, clearly not impressed with the level of play, is turned right behind Harbaugh and has her left arm bent, creating an illusion with the head coach.

Good times during March Madness.

Now if only Jim Schwartz was a Kentucky fan...

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