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49ers' Mario Manningham Discusses Jim Harbaugh, Alex Smith on 95.7 The GAME

With newcomer Mario Manningham getting acquainted with his new home in the Bay, he also is making his rounds on the media circuit, joining the Rise Guys on 95.7 FM the GAME Friday morning to discuss his fit with the San Francisco 49ers, his new head coach Jim Harbaugh, and his new quarterback in Alex Smith.

Manningham left the Super Bowl winning New York Giants for the 49ers, which he feels is a team that fits him very well:

What makes the 49ers a good fit for you?

"I just wanted to come in and make a good impact. I'm really starting to get back to where I was at last game. That's all. I see the potential in this team and I see the coaching staff is a great coaching staff and it seems like all of the players care about each other and when they get out there on that field everybody means business."

As for his new head coach Jim Harbaugh, Manningham had some interesting things to say about why he wants to play for him, perhaps because his 'laid back' nature is a nice change from Tom Coughlin out in New York:

What did Jim Harbaugh say your place in the 49ers system would be?

"Oh just come in and make plays. You have a coach like that he's pretty laid back as long as you come to work every day. He has no problem with you being laid back and jumping around. You've seen him coach a couple of games man. He is joking around in his players' face like that's the kind of coach you want to play for. If you want to play for a coach and be in this advantage that you are in, so he knows the ups and the downs of everything."

Manningham wants no part of talking down about Alex Smith, who he has repeatedly stated that Smith can get the job done, and Mario can do the same with Alex:

What about playing for a quarterback like Alex Smith? Did you want to play for a quarterback like him?

"Yeah I did. Yeah I did. Like I said I am glad we have him. I'm not talking against no one. Evidently he's in this position he is in for a reason. Like I said I feel like he can get it done. I am going to make it the best I can for him to get it done. That's why I am here."

It's going to be an exciting summer with all of these new, shiny toys in 49ers camp, and even more so once the fall comes to pass.

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