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Alex Smith, Jim Harbaugh, Colin Kaepernick And Josh Johnson Played A Civil Game Of Racquetball

Alex Smith would have every reason to grumble. The quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers entered free agency while the Niners delayed in offering a contract. It then became clear that the 49ers were courting Peyton Manning, necessitating Smith take a trip to Florida to entertain an offer from the Miami Dolphins. When Manning went to the Denver Broncos, the Niners finally offered Smith a contract, but just a couple of days after Smith signed, San Francisco signed quarterback Josh Johnson to a two-year deal, potentially creating competition for Smith and backup QB Colin Kaepernick in camp. You'd think Smith would be entirely full of grumbles, but apparently that is not the case.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee sent out the following tweet on Thursday:

Racquetball! The most civil and respectful of all possible sports and/or activities. "The sport of agreement," as it is known in certain circles. Certainly this means that all bridges have been mended and all friendships restored. Why, just look at the box score that we've obtained from their racquetball session*:

Set 1, Game 1:

- A. Smith serves ball while J. Harbaugh is still attempting to retrieve protective goggles from gym bag. Ball hits Harbaugh in eye, falls in while Harbaugh writhes on ground and clutches eye. 15-0, A. Smith

- A. Smith serves ball, trips J. Johnson while C. Kaepernick cowers in corner. 30-0, A. Smith

- A. Smith serves ball, glowers at C. Kaepernick, retrieves own volley with overhead smash of ball onto downed J. Johnson. 40-0, A. Smith

- A. Smith keeps own volley alive for 5:23 while alternately kicking J. Harbaugh and J. Johnson. Finally volleys ball off glass into Harbaugh's neck. Harbaugh clutches both eye and throat, makes choking sounds. GAME: A. SMITH

Set 1, Game 2:

- A. Smith feeds ball to C. Kaepernick. 0-15, C. Kaepernick (technicality)

- A. Smith punches C. Kaepernick in stomach until ball is retrieved, serves ace. 15-15

- J. Johnson makes it to his feet, A. Smith stomps on instep, delivers blow to midsection with racquet handle, serves three consecutive aces while standing on throats of J. Harbaugh and C. Kaepernick. GAME: A. SMITH

Set 1, Game 3:

- A. Smith smashes racquet to bits on floor of court, scrawls "DISLOYALTY" on one wall using eye-black, dumps contents of gym bag onto unconscious J. Harbaugh, laughs bitterly. C. Kaepernick, J. Harbaugh, J. Johnson retired. GAME, SET, MATCH: A. SMITH.


See? They're the best of friends, once again!

*Note: this is not a real box score. Racquetball does not have box scores, due to it not being an actual sport.

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