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Like Star Wars? Having Trouble Understanding Mike Wallace? Analogy Time!

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Are you a fan of Star Wars, and a fan of football as well? Maybe you are, or perhaps you've a friend who is a nerd and can't quite grasp why you're laughing so incessantly at the fact that Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace is looking for a contract bigger than the one Larry Fitzgerald got recently. (And if you're wondering why we can get away with Star Wars on here, George Lucas was born in California and his daughter is an MMA fighter out of San Francisco, so boosh! ... Also, the 49ers were interested in Wallace).

That contract is eight years at $120 million, which is much more than your usual No. 1 receiver contract. That's "greatest ever" status, which of course, the Arizona Cardinals think is possible with Fitzgerald. 49ers fans will have a problem with that statement, but then again, they have a problem with everything Arizona. Anyway, if you're having trouble understanding why this is a silly thing demand for the 25 year-old Wallace and you're a fan of the trilogy, check out this Tweet from Matthew Taylor of Fear The Fin (but more importantly, a Star Wars expert!):

See? It's simple. There's a difference between being a simple rebel hero and survivor of the Battle of Yavin and being a legendary war hero who helped found the New Jedi Order. Jeez, Wallace. You're basically an extra in comparison.