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It Was Clear That Alex Smith Wasn't Going Anywhere, And Here's Why ...

It's unclear who's feelings were hurt, who was slapping who in the face an who, in fact, insulted who's mother when it came down to the San Francisco 49ers and Alex Smith. If you believe a lot of the reporting, Smith was jaded and insulted about the fact that the 49ers pursued Peyton Manning, and if you agree with a lot of blogging, you believe that he was right in feeling that way.

Well - this is a business, and it happens to be a damn fine one, because Smith and the 49ers are back together and they're not weakened. They're not being forced to re-build a relationship. They're a player and a team who had some tough negotiations during free agency and really, did you ever think he was leaving?

One thing that became abundantly clear, at least to this writer, was that seeing Smith in a different uniform would have been ... weird. The guy is a 49er, through all of the idiocy and instability, he remained here. It would have been a pretty big shock to see Smith depart over a couple million, when he survived all kinds of things, from Mike Nolan calling him out for not playing with a separated shoulder to Jimmy Raye searching Yahoo for the rat.

No, it was pretty clear that the 49ers weren't going to lose out on Smith if they didn't sign Manning, and it's not because there's some insight that I have that you don't. There's nothing that's making me more qualified than you ... but if you did worry, there is definitely something you overlooked.

The Miami Dolphins are a terrible organization. Boosh.