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Alex Smith Closing In On Deal With San Francisco 49ers, According To Report

The San Francisco 49ers and Alex Smith reportedly closed in on a three-year deal as of Tuesday evening, but the night came and passed without any official move. Various unnamed sources indicated the two sides had repaired their relationship after Smith was allegedly upset with the decision to pursue Peyton Manning, and the deal is believed to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $24 million dollars.

Assuming the reports are true and the two sides do not hit any speed bumps while finishing up the contract details, an official decision could be made as early as Wednesday.

The 49ers know what they are going to get from Smith; the former No. 1 pick fails to do anything spectacular while on the field, but has proven that he can win crucial games when his team needs him most. San Francisco should have an improve group of receivers for Smith to throw to, as well, which can only help his progression down the road.

Smith is essentially the final option for the 49ers. Manning went to Denver, Matt Flynn is now in Seattle and Tim Tebow is, well, not a legitimate quarterback option. It appears a deal will be reached in the near future.

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