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Tim Tebow Rumors: Adam Schefter Speculates On 49ers, Packers, Jaguars

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The San Francisco 49ers lost out on the Peyton Manning sweepstakes on Monday and have subsequently invested their efforts in mending fences with free agent QB Alex Smith. Although most people expect Smith to re-sign with the 49ers, until he does so, anything remains possible. And Adam Schefter only added fuel to the flames.

Now that the Broncos are handing the reigns over to Peyton Manning, they have made it known they are interested in dealing away Tim Tebow. Although some would argue he has considerable value in a backup role, with his ability to bounce around as a running back, wide receiver, and red-zone QB weapon, John Elway only seemed to get on board for the brief comebacks and not much else.

Although Alex Smith is expected to re-sign with the 49ers at some point, the teams have been playing a weeklong game of chicken that has each side looking for additional leverage. When Smith did not immediately agree to the 49ers' three-year contract offer, the team began their pursuit of Peyton Manning. While Manning figured things out, Smith went to Miami.

Now Manning is off the table, and the 49ers and Smith are back to square one. Could this Tebow rumor have been floated by the 49ers to gain some leverage back on Smith? It is virtually impossible to figure out what is a legit possibility and what is simply leverage.