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Vince Young Suggests He'd Be Good Fit For The 49ers, Niners Fans Suggest He Pump The Brakes

Vince Young has done a lot in his career. He's been a two-time Rose Bowl MVP, a first-round draft pick, a two-time Pro Bowler, fallen victim to the Madden Curse, fallen from a starting quarterback to a backup, become a joke for dubbing the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles the "Dream Team" ... hey, I didn't say it was all good stuff.

But now Young is a free agent with, oh, let's just say "not a lot of interest." Like all pro athletes in his position, he's had to resort to starting his own free agent rumors.

Young retweeted the following item from a woman who works for the publicity agency. He was crafty enough to add on the bit at the end, about the San Francisco 49ers.

You have to think that Twitter is an absolute godsend for athletes scrounging for a contract. In years past, they had to try to con an interview out of a media outlet that likely didn't want to talk to them. These days, they can just kick back on the La-Z-Boy and Twitter out, "Hey, yeah, I would be awesome with the Niners!"

Let me stress again: there's nothing to this "rumor" beyond Vince Young sending his own personal thoughts and dreams out into the ether. Best of luck to the QB. Perhaps he and the freshly-unwanted Tim Tebow can platoon somewhere in 2012. Now there's a Dream Team.

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