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Alex Smith Likes Miami Dolphins, But No Deal Yet

With Peyton Manning headed to the Denver Broncos, the San Francisco 49ers probably have a top priority to resign Alex Smith to ensure stability at the quarterback position. However, they may have contenders for his services: The Miami Dolphins.

Smith did visit Miami extensively this week and things went pretty well. David Fucillo of Niners Nation has the total report, and it could be good news for the Dolphins or good news for the 49ers.

A couple posts ago, I noticed a comment from NinerFanTuscon in which he said NFL Network reported that Alex Smith is on his way back to the Bay Area without a contract with the Miami Dolphins. Smith flew to Miami early yesterday morning for a meeting and then had his agent Tom Condon fly in for a round of negotiations earlier today. Chris Mortensen indicated on ESPN that Smith really liked Miami and the 49ers might conceivably be prepared to move on without him.

Smith liking the Dolphins is interesting, but it's clear that with no contract in place, Miami still might be a ways off from convincing him to come to South Florida. Meanwhile, with Manning off the table, San Francisco clearly knows its best option is Smith, and the deal they have out there is really great. Plus coming off an NFC Championship appearance, taking a risk and picking Miami for a better deal might not be worth it.

To talk about the Smith situation with 49ers fans, hit up Niners Nation.