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Super Bowl Odds 2013: Peyton Manning Alters The Race

After weeks of speculation and conjecture, Peyton Manning has finally decided to join the Denver Broncos in 2012. This decision came with a variety of other dominos falling, specifically including Matt Flynn signing with the Seattle Seahawks. The first week of free agency has led to the first significant change in 2013 Super Bowl odds. The Broncos are the big winners thanks to the addition of Peyton Manning, as they dropped from 50/1 the day after the Super Bowl to a current 12/1 behind only the Packers, Patriots and Saints.


The San Francisco 49ers continue to wait for Alex Smith to make his decision, but they have already made an assortment of moves that have potentially improved the roster heading into the upcoming draft. They dropped from 18/1 to 14/1. Their odds could take a shot if they do not manage to re-sign Alex Smith. Otherwise, with some cap room remaining, they are likely to head into the 2012 season with good odds of winning the Super Bowl.