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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Could 49ers Address Offensive Line?

The 49ers entered free agency with some fairly specific needs at wide receiver, in the secondary and along the offensive line. They addressed the first two areas fairly quickly and with some intriguing options. They signed Randy Moss before free agency began, and then added Mario Manningham over this past weekend. In the secondary, they elected to franchise Dashon Goldson, re-sign All-Pro Carlos Rogers and add Perrish Cox.

The 49ers' primary focus now is on Peyton Manning, but they are considering a variety of secondary areas as well. As they approach the 2012 NFL Draft, the recent additions could allow them to go with a bit more of a best player available mode for the first round, rather than targeting a specific position.

SB Nation released their latest 2012 NFL Mock Draft and they have the 49ers selecting Ohio State offensive lineman Mike Adams. Although Adams has some folks viewing him as having strong first-round talent, tools and measurables, he has dealt with some off-field issues that have resulted in suspensions.

Does he fit for the 49ers? They are looking more to address the right guard position, so it depends on whether one thinks someone could rotate into that guard role. The 49ers seem content with Joe Staley and Anthony Davis at the two tackle positions, with Alex Boone as the primary backup. I'm not quite sure Adams is the fit for now. While the 49ers might be able to look at the best player available, I still think it will be moderately adjusted based on some of the remaining 49ers' needs.