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NFL Mock Draft 2012: San Francisco 49ers Pick Coby Fleener

Jim Harbaugh loves himself tight ends. He stockpiled them at Stanford en route to rebuilding them into one of the strongest programs in the country.

Why not get another one to complement Vernon Davis, and why not get one of those? Draft Tek's latest mock has Harbaugh picking a former Stanford tight end, one Coby Fleener with the 30th pick in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

WR priority is reduced, but Morgan to DC may change that. Fleener is grabbed in round 1. He is another weapon familiar with the Harbaugh offense, that should pair well with Vernon Davis. Fleener will take advantage of the more open passing middle with Moss on the outside.

The 49ers are pretty content with Davis as their number one wideout, but Fleener as the number two option could be incredibly useful. The Niners need to upgrade their receiving corps if they plan to continue to contend, and getting players like Fleener that can catch passes anywhere on the field will improve San Francisco's passing game.

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