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Alex Smith Destination Could Depend On Peyton Manning Decision With 49ers

The offseason quarterback situation for the San Francisco 49ers just keeps getting more and more bizarre and muddled. While the Niners have emerged as a sudden dark horse candidate for Peyton Manning -- and, depending on which analyst you listen to, the current favorite to land him -- incumbent QB and free agent Alex Smith is reportedly negotiating with the Miami Dolphins.

NFL reporter Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports offered his take on the whole situation on Sunday night. Cole believes that, at this point, Smith would only consider going to the Dolphins if Manning does indeed come to San Francisco. Cole stresses that Smith's desire to play in California is so strong that he would return to the Niners as a starter, even if the Dolphins offered more money. The X-factor in Smith's decision, which should be obvious, will end up being where Manning goes.

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