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Matt Flynn Signs With Seahawks, Alex Smith Must Look Elsewhere

Alex Smith might end up back with the San Francisco 49ers, he might not. One place he's almost dead certain not to be next year is up in the Pacific Northwest with his Seahawks.

The Dolphins lost out on their pursuit of free agent quarterback Matt Flynn on Sunday when he accepted a three-year, $26 million offer from Seattle, including $10 million in guaranteed money.

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Flynn's signing does seem to take the wind out of the sails of Smith's visit up to Seattle earlier today. Smith seemed to be a guy that the Seahawks were interested in, but it's not likely to happen now that the team has committed to Flynn.

That has to raise the hopes for Dolphins fans, who really want to bring someone in with free agency, and with Peyton Manning still enigmatic about where he wants to play football next year, Smith not be such a bad option.

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