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Alex Smith To Meet Seattle Seahawks, According To Report

According to the Sacramento Bee's Matt Barrows, quarterback Alex Smith will visit with the Seattle Seahawks after traveling to South Beach on Sunday to visit with the Miami Dolphins.

Barrows claims that a source with knowledge of Smith's travel itinerary noted that he plans to travel to the Seahawks later this week, though the time of the meeting isn't known of yet. The seven year veteran made his first free agent visit of his career to the Dolphins earlier on Sunday.

Smith will almost certainly move on from San Francisco if they sign free agent Peyton Manning, who is said to be making his decision later this week as well. Smith felt there was a discrepancy between the language used by the team (Coach Harbaugh called him a 'elite' player) but gave him a much less than elite contract offer of three years $24 million. He certainly should do his due diligence just as the 49ers have.

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