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Alex Smith On Meeting Dolphins: 'Nothing Surprises Me Anymore'

Alex Smith landed in South Bech Sunday morning, heading over to Miami Dolphins headquarters to talk some shop and possibly join the second professional football team of his seven year career.

A few journalistic types from the South-Florida Sun Sentinel caught up with Smith at the airport, making sure to get a quote from what could be the next Miami Dolphin signal caller:

"This is the NFL," Smith said. "I guess nothing surprises me anymore. I never thought a year ago Manning would be a free agent either. I'm never surprised by anything."

Smith was looking like the incumbent QB in San Francisco until the Niners made their sneaky play on No. 18, essentially sparking a market for Smith overnight. He was offered three years, $24 million from the 49ers, around $8 million a year, though may get something more lucrative from Miami, possibly in tune with Mark Sanchez and Ryan Fitzpatrick who both recently received contracts of five-years plus and at least $20 million guaranteed in each.

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