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Alex Smith Expected To Visit Miami Dolphins On Sunday, According To Reports

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback derby is officially in a tight situation as they could end up with Peyton Manning, Alex Smith, or neither. The 49ers began their pursuit of Manning earlier this week when they put him through a workout and physical in North Carolina. The news leaked on Friday and has been all the rage, with one of the many questions being what this all means for Alex Smith.

Well, now we are getting a better idea. Adam Schefter is reporting Smith is going to Miami today to visit the Dolphins. The Dolphins got into the Peyton Manning sweepstakes early but quickly fell by the wayside. They moved on to pursuing Matt Flynn, but with the Seahawks also in contention, the Dolphins are considering alternatives. One has to wonder if the Seahawks will be in touch with Smith as well since they are no lock for Flynn at this point.

For the 49ers, this creates a bit of a danger zone. If Manning decides to go to Denver or Tennessee and Smith decides he has had it and wants to move on, they are left with Colin Kaepernick starting at QB. They would pursue other options, but they would be in a dicey spot. If Manning went to Tennessee that opens the door for Matt Hasselbeck to come to the Bay Area, but that is no sure thing either. The whole thing gets more dramatic by the moment.