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49ers Free Agency: Fans React To Mario Manningham Deal

The news broke late on Friday night that the San Francisco 49ers had reportedly come to a two-year agreement with wide receiver Mario Manningham, formerly the guy making impossible, game-changing receptions for the Super Bowl-winning New York Giants. The deal would be a blockbuster move for a team that formerly had no top-tier wide receivers and will only fuel the rumors that Peyton Manning may be coming to town.

Over at Niners Nation, the comments were exploding with fan reactions to the news, many of whom believe this move may be the appetizer for the Manning main course. Here is just a sampling.

89ers: "With our quarterback situation in flux why would Manningham sign with us now versus waiting a few days to have this situation work itself out... Why would he sign on with us without knowing who the starter would be, knowing full well that it could be figured out soon? I think Manningham might know something that we don't"

Some fans also pointed out that, including tight ends, the Niners just became a very, very deep receiving team in the past week with the acquisitions of Manningham and Randy Moss.

49ersfanforever: 10-4 there….having a string 3 TE set gives us a lot of flexibility for both run and pass. Remember that Harbaugh took a stud like Toby and put the Cardinal in the National Championship hunt. He transitioned that into the team that almost took it all with Luck at QB this year. Harbaugh will stress balance on offense and need to get the third down efficiency up by using the 3- TE sets (especially on 3rd and 2-4 yards). We will go after another TE in the draft, me thinks.

It is certainly looking like -- Manning or no Manning -- the 49ers have every intention of making another deep playoff run in 2012.

For all news and information regarding the San Francisco 49ers, head on over to Niners Nation.