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Peyton Manning Saga: Where Do Colts Fans Want No. 18 To End Up?

When a team adds a player like Peyton Manning, they are adding so much more than just a quarterback. Manning has a very dedicated following that will support him wherever he goes and many Colts fans are fans of the team because of the brilliance No. 18 showed them over the years. He may come at a high cost, but Manning, if healthy, is worth every penny.

San Francisco 49ers fans obviously want Manning to come to the Bay Area, but what about Colts fans? Where do most of them want their former quarterback to end up? San Fran? Denver? Tennessee?

From the Twitter account of Stampede Blue, SB Nation's own Colts blog:

And this:

As a Colts fan myself, I also can tell you I want Manning in the best possible situation, which looks like San Francisco at this point. I want to see Peyton win another championship and the 49ers present him with that opportunity. He has never enjoyed the cold weather, which is why I think Denver is out of the equation, and the Titans are bitter rivals with Indianapolis.

We'll see how all of this shakes out, but most Colts fans would like to see Manning end up with the 49ers. Does that have any effect on him? We'll find out shortly.