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49ers Free Agency 2012: San Francisco Still Without A Guard

While the San Francisco 49ers are engaged in Peyton Manning escapades and hijinks, they still have two pretty serious holes to fill in either free agency or the 2012 NFL Draft. Those holes are at right guard and wide receiver. Signing Randy Moss doesn't give you a pass when you only have Michael Crabtree and Kyle Williams to supplement him. So they'll continue to play that market, but as it stands, right guard is just a little more important.

How important? They don't have anybody to play the position.

More than that, they don't have anybody to be a backup at the center position, either. Adam Snyder was the starter, who could also play some center if he needed to, while Chilo Rachal was the backup. There's no Rachal on the horizon, as 49ers fans would have committed mass suicide had he actually been re-signed, while Snyder has been snatched away by the NFC West rival Arizona Cardinals.

San Francisco sorely needs to fix this position, sooner rather than later. They've been bringing in some guys, like Leonard Davis and Geoff Schwartz, but neither inspire much confidence. One option remains in the NFL Draft, and it's actually a good one. There are a ton of high-value guards that could be around when the 49ers are picking at No. 30.

The biggest problem with this is how shallow the wide receiver market has gotten. Vincent Jackson, Josh Morgan, Eddie Royal, Pierre Garcon and just about everyone else are all gone. There are better guards available than their are receivers. On top of that, there may be some even higher value receivers at No. 30 than there are guards. So it's really a tough choice to see which one they'll wait on.

This writer thinks the 49ers should sign a guy like Schwartz if at all possible, and try and draft a guard relatively soon to compete. It's really hard to outline such things, given that you'll never know how the draft will line up, but the 49ers do have wide receivers and do not have a right guard. So there's that.