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Peyton Manning Reportedly Set To Announce Decision On Monday Or Tuesday

The Peyton Manning saga has featured numerous twists and turns, and it looks like an announcement may be coming in the near future. After the news came on Friday that the San Francisco 49ers were a dark horse to land the future Hall of Famer, the Bay Area has been fascinated with the thought of bringing No. 18 to the franchise. According to a report on Friday evening, league sources are expecting a final decision by Monday or Tuesday.

Here are a few details:

And another:

That last tweet is certainly a possibility and there is a very real chance that this could turn into Brett Favre Finds A Team 2.0, but delaying the announcement doesn't really seem like something Peyton Manning would do. He is focused on getting healthy and back into game-shape and flying around the country while visiting with coaches that are drooling over him isn't exactly going to help his neck.

Stay tuned, folks. I'm sure this will be a very busy weekend for rumors, whispers and reports from the always-reliable "sources".

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