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NFL Free Agents 2012: Mario Manningham Visits 49ers, Visiting Rams

The San Francisco 49ers have one considerably huge need in free agency: Wide receiver. The 49ers passing game was considerably restrained the past few years, not doing enough to lift the team to the Super Bowl. With Josh Morgan leaving in free agency to the Redskins, the Niners need to find new guys that can fix things up.

San Francisco has already made one big move with Randy Moss, but he is well past his best days. The 49ers might be going for someone more current.

Obviously the 49ers would love to have a big play receiver like Manningham, particularly since he was the one who made the most crucial catch in the NFC Championship game and the Super Bowl last season. However, Manningham's value is probably higher than it should be right now because of his recent success, so San Francisco might be forced to pay up.

The Rams could be the ones who might pay top dollar here to give Sam Bradford more targets, so the 49ers might be a little behind.

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