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NFL Free Agency 2012: Ted Ginn Claims 49ers Would Have Made Super Bowl If He Played

Ted Ginn Jr. is looking for a new team to play for as he is now a free agent. Once thought to have the potential to become a game-breaking wide receiver, Ginn has struggled for most of his career and has been relegated to special teams duty.

San Francisco 49ers fans are well aware of what transpired in the closing moments of the 2012 NFC Championship Game. Kyle Williams fumbled a punt numerous times and likely cost his team a chance at the Super Bowl, even if his teammates and coaches protected him and said they win and lose as a team.

After leaving Detroit to try and get a job with the Lions, Ginn had some interesting comments that he indirectly sent to the 49ers and Williams.

From the Detroit Free Press:

The 49ers lost to the New York Giants when Ginn's replacement, Kyle Williams, botched two punts. Would the 49ers be celebrating a Super Bowl if Ginn had played in that game?

"We'd have been in the Super Bowl," Ginn said. "I don't know if we'd have won, but we would have fought to win."

Not only does this come off as unprofessional, but what does Ginn possibly have to earn by making comments like this? No one feels worse about fumbling the punts than Williams does and it isn't exactly like Ginn is trying to prove himself against the young punt returner to potential teams. He knew that his comments would be reported and likely get back to the 49ers, so why make them at all?

Nothing like burning a bridge with an employer, I suppose.

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