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49ers Sell Out 2012 Season Tickets

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The San Francisco 49ers have been on a roll in recent months with the team stunning most pundits in reaching the NFC Championship Game, and the front office securing the necessary financing and approval to start building a new stadium in Santa Clara. Given these developments, it should surprise nobody that the 49ers have announced they are already sold out of season tickets for the 2012 season.

Teams will get behind a winner, but when season tickets gets you priority for seats in a new stadium that is as close to a reality as it can be, the tickets start to go faster. 49ers Vice President of Ticketing & Suites discussed the brisk sales in a press release issued by the 49ers:

"This is excellent news for our team," said Jamie Brandt, Vice President of Ticketing & Suites for the 49ers. "Last season, a packed and energized stadium influenced games, especially in the playoffs. Our players love that environment. It's a huge plus for the home team."

Brandt acknowledged that the certainty about the new stadium in Santa Clara has helped drive sales. In the last six months, the 49ers have gained major approvals for the new venue, and groundbreaking should occur in the second quarter of this year.

"The 49ers have asked Legends, the group hired to market the seats in the new stadium, to give the highest priority, and the most amount of time, to season ticket holders," said Brandt. "There are some definite benefits to being a current season ticket holder, especially if you want to own seats in the new stadium in Santa Clara."

The team has created a priority wait list, which can be accessed at or at the new stadium website. If you are not looking to commit to season tickets, a limited number of individual game tickets could be made available to the public on a game-by-game basis, but those will be tough to get. Sources like StubHub remain viable options for 49ers tickets.