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Randy Moss Contract: 49ers Assume No Financial Risk By Signing Veteran Wide Receiver

The San Francisco 49ers made an interesting low-risk, high-reward move this week when they signed veteran wide receiver Randy Moss to a one-year deal. While Moss isn't close to being the All-Pro receiver he was five or so years ago, the 35-year-old reportedly looked great while working out for teams and still possesses one of the better set of hands in the league. And for his price tag, what did the 49ers have to lose by signing him?

Pro Football Talk of NBC breaks down his performance-based contract for 2012:

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, the new contract that Moss signed with the 49ers carries not a penny of guaranteed money.

Instead, Moss will receive a base salary of $1.75 million. He'll be eligible for another $46,875 for each game that he is on the active 46-man roster. If he's active for every game, he'll get a total of $750,000.

Moss also can earn up to $1.5 million in incentives tied to playing time, receptions, and qualifying for the Pro Bowl.

Most importantly, if the 49ers decide at any point before Week One that it's just not working, they can cut Moss and owe him nothing.

Is there anything to not like about this deal? Best-case scenario means Alex Smith gets a reliable target to throw to, worst-case is Moss gets cut if he isn't performing or if he starts to cause a headache for his teammates or coaches. Moss could potentially earn upwards of $3 million dollars with a strong season in 2012; if that isn't enough incentive, he'll also get to face the Vikings and Patriots, his two former-teams.

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